Electricians in France

Electrical work is not regulated in France, and anyone can perform it, if they wish. There is no guarantee of decennale for jack-of-all-trades businesses in the country. A CAP diploma is required to receive the decennale, which protects the electrician and the consumer. The guarantee of decennale is also a requirement for home insurance, which is another reason why you should have a CAP diploma.

Electricians in France

The average electrician in France earns 42 687 EUR per year, which equates to twenty-one Euros an hour. They also receive an average bonus of one 520 EUR per year. According to salary survey data collected from anonymous employees in France, the salary ranges from 30 901 EUR to 52 429 EUR for senior-level electricians. The salaries are expected to increase by 15% over the next five years. For an entry-level electrician, the salary can start at PS30,765 per year. For a senior-level electrician, the average salary increases to 52 429 EUR.

Electricians in France can earn up to EUR30,415 a year. This represents an hourly wage of twenty-one Euros. The highest level of education for an electrician in France is a High School degree. The average salary for this profession in France is EUR42 687 per year. Moreover, the salaries for this occupation will increase by 15% over the next five years. For an entry-level electrician, the salary will be approximately 30901 EUR.

A career as an electrician in France is very lucrative. The average gross salary of an Electrician in France is 42 687 EUR per year. This equates to 21 EUR per hour. An average bonus of 1 520 EUR is also common. The salaries of an entry-level electrician in France range from thirty nine hundred euros to fifty-four thousand EUR. The salary growth rate is estimated at fifteen percent over five years. When it comes to salary, a high-level electrical engineer will earn a staggering 53 429 EUR.

The average salary for an electrician in France is roughly four hundred seventy-one Euros per year. This is the equivalent to a gross wage of 21 EUR per hour. Including bonuses, the average electrical worker in France makes an average of two thousand five hundred and two hundred euros. This amount can vary significantly, however, and depends on the level of experience. With this in mind, an entry-level electrician in France will earn an average of thirty-nine hundred euro EUR.

The average salary for an Electrician in France is forty-two hundred and seventy-seven euros per hour. An employee with twenty or more years of experience will make three thousand four hundred Euros, or five hundred and twenty-one thousand five-hundred and thirty-two euros. These figures are based on surveys of hundreds of French electricians conducted in 2015. These findings reflect the fact that the average pay of an Electrician in France is lower than the salary for an entry-level electrician in the US.

As a result of these differences, the salary of an Electrician in France is generally lower than the average for other similar jobs. An entry-level Electrician in France will earn approximately thirty-nine hundred euros a year. In contrast, a senior-level electrician can expect to earn a total of seventy-two hundred euros. Additionally, he or she will enjoy an average salary of about forty-two hundred euros a month.

The salary of an Electrician in France varies widely. An entry-level Electrician will make an average of forty-seven hundred euros, while a senior-level Electrician will earn about fifty-two hundred euros. Compared to the United States, salaries in France are similar to those in other European countries. Those in the top-ten percent of the pay scale can expect a bonus of a further 5%.

The average salary for an Electrician in France is twenty-two hundred and thirty-two euros. This includes housing, transportation, and benefits. In France, salaries for electricians range from twelve hundred to one thousand and thirty-five euros, depending on skills and experience. They also vary significantly depending on the location and their location. But on average, electrical workers in France earn a salary of around forty-two thousand euros a year.