Moving and storage companies offer a variety of services

Moving and storage companies offer a variety of services. Some can even store your items overnight for a small fee. This is helpful when you have an overlap between your lease and move date. You also may want to use the services of a local moving company if you have a new lease or contract that ends before your move date.


Moving companies charge a variety of fees, depending on the size of the house. The average cost of moving a two or three-bedroom household is about $6,300. This cost increases if the household consists of several large appliances and other belongings. A two-bedroom house that’s being relocated from San Jose, California, to Austin, Texas, will likely cost between $7,600 and $11,000 in fees.

Moving services often offer discounts if you move outside of peak moving season, such as in the spring or summer. However, rates are usually higher on the weekends because most people don’t have the time off work to relocate. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan your move during the week instead. Midweek moving dates are generally cheaper, and you’ll find more availability.

Exemptions from sales tax

Moving and storage services are taxable services, and therefore moving companies are required to charge sales tax. However, there crating services sparks are some exceptions. For example, moving supplies provided by a third-party are not taxable in New York State if they are used by the customer. To avoid paying sales tax on these services, movers should register for sales tax and keep accurate records.

In addition, moving and storage companies may hire a third party to pack and crate customers’ items. Third-party charges are taxable in New York State, but moving companies may pass on these costs to customers. Generally, moving companies charge for these services. In some instances, moving companies may disassemble your belongings and reassemble them at the new location.