Tips For Riding the Cross Canada Train

Cross Canada train

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding the Cross Canada train, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to make your trip memorable, from the Route to the travel experience. Keep reading for advice on what to do and what to eat! You’ll be delighted by the results! Listed below are some of our top recommendations. Whether you’re a first-time rail traveller or an experienced veteran, you’ll be able to make the most of your train ride with these great tips. Learn more at

Trans-Canada rail trip

A Trans-Canada rail trip is a great way to see Canada’s diverse landscape. You can take a east to west route or a more traditional east to west route. These routes follow the development of railways and settlement throughout the country. The journey can be both long and luxurious. Here are some tips for planning a rail trip across Canada. While you’re in Canada, you should know that you’ll be changing time zones.

If you’re considering a Trans-Canada rail trip, you’ve come to the right place. VIA Rail operates 494 trains per week across eight provinces. Enjoy the scenic views, chef-prepared meals, and comfortable amenities. And don’t forget to take a photo or two! The Canadian experience is sure to leave you awestruck. This is a rail trip unlike any other – there’s no better way to experience this vast continent.


The Route of Cross Canada train travels from Vancouver, British Columbia to Montreal, Quebec, the country’s capital. Starting at the Union Station, the train crosses the Red River of the North and heads east through CN’s Transcona Yards. The trip takes approximately 714 kilometers (443 miles).

During its journey, the Canadian stops in Vancouver, the country’s third largest city. The train crosses the river at its New Westminster Bridge, and passes through suburban communities on the CN route. The train then travels east on CN tracks, crossing the New Westminster Bridge. This route passes through industries and railway yards as it crosses the Fraser river. Most regular eastbound trains travel through the canyons of the Fraser River at night.

Travel experience

The Canadian is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for rail travellers in Canada. Departing from Toronto, this luxurious train traverses 2,700 miles across the country over four days, giving passengers a chance to take in the vast landscapes as well as scenic towns and cities. Unlike other forms of transportation, rail travel is quiet and distraction-free. You’ll feel like royalty as your train rolls past beautiful Canadian towns and cities, like Banff, Jasper, and Toronto.

Once on board, passengers can enjoy the views from the prestige car. Located at the back of the train, this car is a must-see on your Cross Canada train trip. The changing landscapes, lush forests, and rushing rivers are just some of the things you’ll see as you travel across Canada. However, it is not recommended for those with young children or those with back problems. You can purchase tickets for sleeping accommodations in the train or reserve a sleeper cabin for your family.

Food and drink

The Canadian train offers free snacks and drinks 24 hours a day. You can even enjoy alcoholic drinks in your cabin. The train is famous for combining nostalgia and comfort with top-notch service. There are two luxurious rail cars, which are available for private use, which have views of the country and are perfect for Instagram photos. For a special treat, there are meals served in the “Dome Car” – the car that offers the best view of the country.

The Canadian Pacific train’s menu varies depending on the region you’re visiting. In Vancouver and Victoria, for example, you can have a dessert to finish off your meal. The desserts are decadent and packed with millions of calories! In addition to meals, you can purchase snacks around the clock. Some trains also offer juice or water to drink. The food is filling and you’ll probably gain a few pounds.

Sightseeing stops

Travelling by train offers you the opportunity to see the country’s natural wonders and stunning landscapes. Canadian Rockies train tour starts in the Northern Ontario boreal forests and continues to the snow-capped Canadian Rockies before ending in the vibrant city of Vancouver. The journey has been hailed as a perfect portrait of Canada’s geography and is a favorite of train enthusiasts and first-timers alike.

Sightseeing stops on the Cross Canada Train The famous Canadian railway runs between Toronto and Quebec City and passes through imposing prairies and rivers. Along the way, you can see the famous Thousand Islands and the historic Boldt Castle. The train also travels through the beautiful Canadian city of Kingston, home to several popular tourist attractions. The train also stops at Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto, each offering a unique perspective on the cities and landscapes.